About Loren

As a little girl growing up in Cincinnati, Loren North couldn’t get to sleep at night without her cassette player tucked in beside her. Now based in Los Angeles, the 23year­old singer/songwriter has channeled that lifelong love of music into a lushly textured and sweetly soulful breed of pop. With their indelible melodies and elegant electronic edge, North’s forthcoming music delves into delicate emotional terrain but radiates an irresistible bright energy.

Loren’s debut EP, slated for a September 2016 release, arrives on the heels of her 2015 debut single “Where I Am.” Through the EP, North thoughtfully explores and takes us on a journey of a romantic relationship ­ from falling in love, to infatuation, a breakup, confusion, and eventually finding closure and coming back into her own identity. In the slow­burning song “Starlight,” North’s tender yet powerful vocals blend with snap­drop beats and dreamy effects while “Feel It Out” slips into an intense and infectious groove that brilliantly matches the harmony­laced track’s more hopeful spirit. North states, “I started out thinking I wanted to be a folk artist, sitting in my room writing with my acoustic guitar, but as I got more into pop music, I fell in love with the way I could write catchy melodies with real weight behind them.”

North grew up singing in the church and began playing piano at age six. At 14, after her family moved to LA for her and her brother, Austin, to pursue a career in acting, she soon realized her ultimate passion had always been and always will be to create music. While her brother has become a successful actor, Loren has focused solely on her music career while continuing to sing in church. From the beginning stages of her music career, simply posting covers on YouTube to developing her own music, Loren has enjoyed being involved in every element of production ­from arranging and recording to shooting and editing videos.

Aside from music, Loren loves spending time with family & friends, exploring all the beauty of Los Angeles & surrounding areas. From frequenting vintage shops to frolicking on the beach, she is always up for an adventure. She is truly an ‘old soul’, which is heard in her voice & captured visually in her aesthetic. In her free time, she also enjoys frequenting local concerts, photography, snuggling with her dog, Duffy, baking cookies & knitting. North has a genuine love for people and a passion for missions. She has traveled as far away as Africa, but has also served her own community. In her music, she ultimately aims to infuse each and every song with a certain deeper purpose.