Musician Loren North Premieres 'Bad Timing' Music Video (Exclusive)

Loren North is back with a brand new song that will be on your minds all day. The musician is premiering the music video for “Bad Timing” exclusively on

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The LA-based singer-songwriter, Loren North, is once again charming fans with her vulnerable vocal delivery and signature sultry indie-pop sound. Following her debut EP Starlight back in 2016, this latest single "Never Coming Back" embodies the uplifting spirit of self-assured strength. North brings the right dose of gentle pop melodies and alluring vocals that make this track serenely captivating.

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"A subtle embrace, a touch of the bass, it's building," indie pop singer Loren North begins dropping faint details about the rising sound of music as her own track builds over her soft yet captivating vocals. Due to its simplicity, indie pop music can often sound very similar to other tracks within the genre, but on "Never Coming Back," Loren brings something new and slightly unexpected to the table. Her vocals allow the track to flow smoothly without overwhelming the listener with a fully loaded and complicated chorus. I think we've found the perfect track to keep your feet on the ground while you're still trying to vibe out a little. 

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What can we say about Loren North that hasn't already been made apparent from the well-received release of her first two singles, "Feel It Out" and "Where I Am." The LA-based singer-songwriter delivers a cinematic and a sonically unobtrusive indie pop experience with the release of her debut EP Starlight. This album is filled to the brim with emotionally-charged lyrics and complex production, alongside an artful voice charged with the ambitious task of capturing the vicissitudes of love.

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Starlight is a strategically modeled, full-circle expedition through a relationship. North radiates a sort of soulful joy in capturing heartbreak and all-accepting love just the same. While contradicting feelings take center-stage in the jumble of messages, North’s calm and collected demeanor make the EP a perfect journey through real life emotion.

Since its release on Sept. 9, North’s debut single “Feel It Out” has gained close to 320,000 listens on Spotify. The song, previously featured on Atwood Magazine, expands on a couple taking time off from their relationship in order to “feel out” their independence. The single showcases a perfectly Pop balance between the buoyantly earthy vocals of North and the unconventional craftsmanship of instrumentals. Strung together by a baseline of chirping crickets, “Feel It Out” is out of left field for what would be considered Pop music, but works seamlessly enough that no one will question its placement.

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Austin North's Sister, Loren North, Debuts First Single 'Feel It Out' - Listen Here!

Loren North just dropped her first original single! The 21-year-old singer, who is also Austin‘s older sis, just released the new song off her upcoming EP, Starlight.

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The 21-year-old singer just released her debut single, “Feel It Out,” off her upcoming EP, Starlight – and we couldn’t be more obsessed with it, or her, for that matter!

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Loren North heard something she liked and decided to take it on. It wasn’t irrational, it was a carefully formed decision based on how well she knows herself, her sound, and her ability to put her personal aesthetic into a something she loves. She tells us, “Drake’s music is revolutionary, and I knew I wanted to cover “Controlla” right when I heard it. I really feel like the way I recorded the song speaks to the way I write my own music”.




Major news, Popmaniacs! Indie pop songstress Loren North just came out with her new video for her song  “Feel It Out” and everything about it is perfection. We’re obsessed with every aspect of this video — not only does Lauren have a voice that could make anyone swoon and lyrics that are totally relatable, but we cannot get over how flawless the video is. If you haven’t seen it yet then prepare to fall in love.
The scenery is totally stunning and the whole video is filled with artsy camera shots. Not to mention Loren, who looks flawless as always, is rocking some cute boho outfits that we’re totally jealous of. She even rocks some bold makeup and hair looks — when isn’t this babe major fashion goals? 
The song itself is a mesmerizing pop tune that makes you want to close your eyes and be transported into a different world. It’s soft but catchy and totally unlike anything we’ve ever heard before. Basically, it’s perfect in every way and we haven’t been able to stop listening to it since it came out! We think that the video fits the song perfectly, which we can totally vibe with.

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Loren North Releases Music Video
For New Single ‘Feel It Out’

Rising Indie star Loren North released her brand new single ‘Feel It Out‘ last month and now she has dropped the official music video for the single. The new video is about showing people that sometimes you have to get lost to truly find yourself.

The LA based singer/songwriter teamed up with music video director Embryo for the stunning visual clip which compliments the track perfectly. Embryo has also worked with JoJo in the past.



Enter California-based singer-songwriter Loren North, who uses her particular brand of soulful, indie-pop to channel the ups and downs of an entire relationship into her forthcoming EP Starlight.

North’s latest release, “Feel It Out,” is a synth-heavy, pop offering with just enough subtle nuance (those cricket chirps!) to allow for her soulful, smokey vocals to lead the focus. Written about a breakup — and the vulnerable hope of someday mending things, somewhere down the line — North explains the dichotomy between the track’s heavy lyrics and its easygoing, ear-worm sensibility.

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Premiered via EARMILK today, "feel it out" by Loren North has all the makings of a catchy, satisfying pop track to treat the ears to. About the ups and downs of being in a relationship, "feel it out" tackles this theme with chill synths and a cool background of various, electronic-tinged instrumentals. Sounds like cricket chirping, various pops and snaps, and even a woodblock all nicely envelope themselves around Loren's lovely, radio-ready vocals. While the lyrics are broody, the chorus reaffirms that "feel it out" is definitely a track to jam to, not cry over.

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Major news, Popmaniacs — our fave artist on the rise Loren North just covered our favorite song on the radio and it’s literally everything. The babe covered Drake’s “Controlla” and she’s premiering the video EXCLUSIVELY with us! In addition to this amazing cover video, Loren also answered our biggest music questions — New Music Monday has never been better!

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WATCH: Loren North Releases Drake Cover Video
Los Angeles singer Loren North has released a stunning cover of Drake’s ‘Controlla

Loren North is a young indie/pop singer from Los Angeles and she is gaining quite the following on social media through her stunning covers. While Loren may not be a household name just yet, you might recognise her brother Austin North who is the star of Disney Channel’s ‘I Didn’t Do It’.